Peony Castle

Venue in Tuscany Peony Castle is set majestically on top of a hill with commanding views over the Tuscan countryside and encircled by the historic village of Cetona- but so far below the view is entirely rural. It has been carefully restored combining opulence and refinement to offer a true luxurious experience. The medieval streets […]

Rosemary Cloister

Venue in Tuscany Rosemary Cloister dates back to 1348 when it was used for the production of grain, wine and oil. More recently it became a monastery before being abandoned. Fortunately, this historic and beautiful property was saved and has been carefully and lovingly rebuilt and restored and is now an idyllic luxury retreat. Just […]

Lilium Castle

Venue in Tuscany Every place in the Tuscan landscape carries traces of culture going back through the centuries. Lilium Castle, in the heart of the Chianti region, is a significant example. It lies just 35 km from Florence, not far from the town of Castelfiorentino, along the old Via Francigena, an ancient trail used from […]

Villa Carnation

Venue in Tuscany Villa Carnation is one of the most magical places in the florentine hills: the architecture of the villa and of the old garden are justly famous and in fact the garden has become one of the most famous in the world. The villa was finished in 1610 by Zanobi Lapi and during […]


Our personal opinion in fact of music is that it has to be not too intrusive, instead a lovely hearing of nice back ground songs list. Lets take for instance the ceremony: depending on the venue hosting the service you may go with some classic strings or organ if in Church. If the style of […]

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