Destination Weddings in Siracusa A city full of antiquity, history, mythology and medieval treasures. The town of Siracusa, (or Syracuse as it is known in English), occupies a beautiful position between the waters of the Great Port, the only natural harbor to be found along the Sicilian coast, and the Iblei Mountains. Some of the […]


Destination Weddings in Segesta At Segesta, you can easily imagine what it was like to have lived in Sicily in ancient times. Strong Hellenic customs, dating back as far as the twelfth century BC, are still present today and stem from the Greek settlers that discovered this Sicilian town. Segesta is situated in the province […]


Destination Weddings in Sciacca Sciacca is noted mostly for its wide sandy beaches and remote private ones, sheer cliffs, fishing ports, ancient caves and thermal spas, all of which await your arrival for your destination wedding. A labyrinth of houses and streets, some of which can be narrow enough to fit only a single person […]


Destination Weddings in Marsala If you are a lover of culinary arts and the study of wine is of interest, then a destination wedding in Marsala is sure to bring a certain mystique to your table. With a population of 80,000 plus, Marsala is Arabic for “Harbor of Gods” and its location is approximately twenty […]


Destination Weddings in Gela Gela is not a typical stop on the tourist trail, but this ancient city was once an important town in Greek Sicily. Located on the southwestern coast, it is not without Grecian influences and a certain medieval charm. Gela’s setting is that of flat coastal sand dunes leading into gentle hills. […]


Destination Weddings in Erice Erice consists of cobbled streets, arched passageways, narrow alleys, cool breezes, stunning views, and lovely sunsets over the Western Mediterranean. Set back in pre-historic times, it’s a taste of medieval centuries past. A hilltop-charming town at 2625 feet above sea level, Erice sits on a mountainous peak overlooking the northern coast […]


Destination Weddings in Cefalu This charming and graceful town faces the Tyrrhenian Sea from a prominent limestone overlook. A captivating fishing village in days past, Cefalu` is now a seaside town beneath a steep mountain complete with a maze of medieval streets, beach, and delightful restaurants. As with most Italian towns, no city would be […]


Destination Weddings in Caltanissetta The Sicilian landscape shows major variations; yellow is this town’s characteristic. Representative of the color of corn, sulphur, wild sunflowers and sun, all make this town shine. Caltanissetta is located in central Sicily and was built on a hilltop overlooking these alluring colors. A short visit is all that is needed […]

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