Palace on Grand Canal

Venue in Venice You can arrive at this venue by boat or gondola, using the water entrance on the Rio del Santissimo, located on the east side of the palace. This allows every guest the chance to experience one of the many truly special ancient Venetian. The suites and rooms are equipped with every comfort […]


Contract All customers are required by company policy to sign a wedding contract. All our wedding contracts are the same, whether you marry with very little or with very much: whether its your first time with us or you are a repeat customer – nothing changes. The contract does not include detailed descriptions for bouquet, […]

Wedding Certificates

Wedding Certificates All couples marrying civilly in Italy receive an international wedding certificate valid in their home country. To register your marriage at home you will simply need to go to the registrar with the certificate and present the document. Only a single wedding certificate is usually issued by the Italian authorities, but additional ones […]

Nulla Osta

Nulla Osta This is a general term referring to the necessary civil document which all foreign citizens (non-Italians) must provide prior to marrying in Italy. In some cases, the Nulla Osta can be obtained by us via mail, thus avoiding any last minute appointments at the consulates (British for example). The citizens of some countries, […]

How to Get Married Abroad

How to Get Married Abroad We offer legal assistance to help you with any type of wedding or marriage ceremony you decide to get married in Italy. This means that we give you all the assistance necessary for you to marry in Italy without your having to purchase anything extra. This will save you on […]

Civil Wedding Requirements

Civil Wedding Requirements In order for your civil wedding requirements to be fulfilled and for your marriage to be legally recognized in your own home country specific legal paperwork needs to be completed. While there are no residency requirements to marry in Italy, depending on your nationality there are certain steps that must be completed […]

Catholic Weddings in Venice

Catholic Weddings in Venice It is certainly possible to have a beautiful Catholic wedding in Venice. Ceremonies are celebrated in the city’s most famous churches including St. Mark’s Basilica and even lovely churches on the smaller islands. Requests must be submitted by our coordinators in person, if you wish to marry in Venice in a […]

Atto Notorio – US Citizens Only

Atto Notorio – US Citizens Only The Atto Notorio is required for US Citizens and can only be completed in the US, Australia or Italy. An Atto Notorio is an affidavit done before the Italian Consulate in the US or Australia (or before a magistrate in Italy). In order to obtain an Atto Notorio you […]

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