A mistake you may avoid on your wedding…

Dear Bride-to-be & Groom-to-be,

this is a letter for you. We have a personal suggestion for you 🙂

Believe us when we say that we have more than 12 yrs experience in the wedding industry, and that we met so many vendors operating in the field: from caterer companies, to florists, make up artists, hair stylists… and photographers.

We selected wedding pictures for over a decade, for making sure everyone, especially the newly weds, were happy with their own photographs. The majority takes quite good pictures – from our aestethic point of view –  but there are very few (and this is quite a niche) who really cares about their work on the day, but most importantly to the couple’s final reaction to their photographs.

It is quite obvious that on the day you will be so busy with a million of things, especially wondering everyone’s reaction (is everyone happy? do they like it? do they like the venue? do they like the food and wine?… ?), but one thing that will be underestimated is your room: where you are getting ready with bridesmaids and the ones you care the most.

Instead of one room only please consider to take a suite large enough for everyone, and entitle someone to make sure everything will be in order. It is quite typical to leave around slippers, robes, brushes, eye-lashes extensions, mascaras, lipsticks, tissues, plastic bags, tampons… and if you are lucky enough your wedding planner or your photographer will have the gut to tell you to put everything away, others instead will have not the same attention to the surroundings.

Final result? You will see a picture like the one here below – a stunning bride in a clean and nicely ordered room -!

**This of course cannot be applied to every Bride-to-be or Groom-to-be, it is just a matter of knowing yourself and your habits 🙂

Wishing you a happy wedding!!

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