Italian Honeymoon

Italian Honeymoon

What can we tell you about an Italian honeymoon?

Where can you book an incredible balloon ride over Tuscany at sunset and end with a wonderful picnic of local delicacies with Chianti wine?

Where can you plan a private boat cruise with cocktails and snacks through the inlets and coves on the Italian Riviera?

And where can experience a one on one cooking course in an Italian palace taught by a Countess in Venice?

Where can you visit an enchanted island or an Alpine village or view a quiet lake from a terrace villa?

And where is it in Italy that you can go and not be standing on the very same spot where some dramatic historic event or Italian battle took place that changed the course of European history?

If you want to step out of the usual honeymoon package – plan an Italy honeymoon through one of our experienced professional honeymoon planners.

We will put together some initial ideas with a very detailed program and itinerary based on the request form you forward to us and will work with you until we have the honeymoon of your dreams planned out perfectly in every detail. You will not want to miss an Italian honeymoon opportunity especially if you will already be in Europe to begin with.

Our final hard copy itinerary is printed just for you and is a mini guide book packed with details on the best restaurants and informal family run trattorias with secret ice-cream stops known only by locals. We prepare a custom travel guide just for your honeymoon to Italy.

In short, you will have an insider’s view of the places you are visiting because our staff has been where they are sending you and they will know exactly how to advise you!

A personal honeymoon coordinator will guide you every step along your journey furnishing helpful hints on how to tip cab drivers, the best shopping paces and even reserve tickets to the top museums so you don’t waste time in line. Several weeks prior to departure you will receive an express mail package containing hotel vouchers, train tickets, hotel brochures, a hard copy itinerary and much more.

We custom design every romantic Italian honeymoons after your overseas wedding and have done this since our inception in the early 1990’s.

Some couples ask us only to organize their Italian honeymoon and we are very happy to take care of whatever needs they may have whether they have a large or small honeymoon budget.