Hairdresser for the Bride

Hairdresser for the Bride

Our Italian wedding hairdresser and make-up artists will come directly to the Italian hotel where you are staying and create a wedding hairstyle just for you.

There is nothing that can compare with an Italian wedding hairstylist. Our wedding hairdressers know how to fashion a hairstyle perfectly suited for you and your features. No two brides are made up the same way. Hairdressers in Italy design hairstyles for their clients as if they had to enter a beauty pageant.




With more important wedding ceremonies we recommend that the bride go through a “trial run” the day before. That way your personal wedding hairstylist has extra time to create the hairstyle for you so that it is best adapted to your features and personal tastes.

Manicures, pedicures and other services are also available and can be done for brides simultaneously with all other beauty treatments.

Italian Destination Weddings works only with top, well-known Italian hairdo artists, those who specialize in wedding hairstyles, and with the best make-up artists in Italy.