Destination Weddings in Valpolicella

A series of valleys positioned above Verona, Valpolicella offers a scenic array of rolling hills, waterfalls and majestic countryside. Mulberry and walnut trees lace the homes that exist in the area, and cypress and fig trees define its Italian character. It is common to see vineyards that are laced with roses throughout the region, as well as ash trees and the occasional elm. The area is peppered with olive groves and the notable vineyards that produce the wines that bear the name of the town. Because of its charm and farmland appeal, Valpolicella presents a lovely setting for a rustic wedding.

Bordering the foothills of the Alps on the North, Valpolicella boasts more than 80 distinguished villas that support the region’s historical quality. Over the past 500 years, the upper middle-class has slowly increased their possession of property in an effort to retain control of the land. This competition between the resident families has taken place from the age of Enlightenment to this present day, which is why Valpolicella has maintained a sense of beauty amid the industry that surrounds her.

An assortment of gardens and unique villas enfold the numerous farms that occupy the area. The villas, which were entirely built during the reign of the Venetian Republic, bestow a sense of romance to the region, thanks to the old-world charm of their prominent courtyards. Valpolicella is, and always has been densely populated.

The mild climate of Valpolicella, combined with the distinctive country flavor of the region, can make for a unique and thematic marriage ceremony at any time during the year.