Destination Weddings in Veneto

Venice is the city that immediately comes to mind when the Veneto is mentioned. The Venetian nobility once ruled over this wealthy, diverse region, and their distinctive architectural style is still evident today in many parts of the Veneto, a lasting legacy of their influence. Venice itself is naturally the regional capital, and has been described as the most romantic city in the world. Its unforgettable atmosphere makes it a magical place to get married.

There is much more to the Veneto than Venice, however. Each of the major cities – Verona, Belluno, Vicenza and Padua – has its own special allure, whilst beyond them lie vineyards, farming estates and tranquil expanses of flatland. Alongside thriving industry and commerce, this prosperous region is also a leading agricultural producer.

Verona, the Veneto’s second city, began life as a Roman settlement, and many Roman ruins remain here. The city has been ruled by many dynasties through the centuries and each has left its imprint, making Verona both beautiful and fascinating to explore.

Vicenza exudes modern style and wealth, yet simultaneously retains a very real sense of the past. Its dense historic core is partly enclosed by ancient walls and features numerous Gothic palaces and Classical buildings. The last 16th century architect Palladio has had a great influence on this stunning city.

Belluno is located at the feet of the Dolomite mountains – a highly picturesque setting that is reason
alone for visiting the city. The old town features a 16th century cathedral whilst the new town is packed with typically Italian bars and cafés, the perfect way to immerse yourselves in the day to day experience of life here. The city of Padua, meanwhile, is another popular destination, with a eye-catching collection of Renaissance buildings.

A visit to the Veneto is a richly rewarding experience. Strikingly beautiful cities enclosed by lovely countryside make this region one of the most popular destinations in Italy. Your wedding in the Veneto will be a romantic day to remember forever.