La Salle

Destination Weddings in La Salle

La Salle is a small town in the area of Valdigne, the most picturesque spot of Valle d’Aosta.
Surrounded by mountains and hills, the river Dora Baltea with its affluents runs through the territory. The Dora Baltea originates from a glacier in the nearby Monte Bianco, the highest mountain in Europe, and it is the only Italian watercourse that receives large amounts of water both in winter and in the summer from the melting of the high altitude glaciers close by. Rowing, white water rafting and kayaking are so popular in this river, that it is nicknamed the Colorado of Europe because of the forcefulness of its waters.

An extensive part of La Salle’s territory is covered by woods: firs, silver firs, larches, Scots pines, alder trees, aspens and birches are some examples of splendid trees.

The winters are not bitter here, springs are bright and the air brings the scent of the wild flowers; summers are warm and rich with colors and in the fall all kind of delicious fruits ripen.

Many interesting events and activities take place in La Salle; Philharmonic concerts, country fairs, bocce tournaments, cross country skiing competitions, wood carving classes, art shows, folkloristic festivals and organ concerts. You name it, and it happens here.

A short drive away are the big names of Courmayeur, Chamonix, Annecy and the Gran Paradiso national park, just to name a few of the interesting places to visit.

La Salle is a hidden gem, a peaceful oasis, a place ready to be discovered for your very special Italian destination wedding