Destination Weddings in Florence

The jewel of the Italian Renaissance, Florence is everyone’s favorite Italian city offering an amazing array of monuments, restaurants and shopping. It is awe-inspiring for its beauty, palaces and its setting on the Arno River gracefully running through its center.


Wherever the visitor’s eye falls it seems that there is a church, a museum, or a special crafts store reflecting the centuries of artistic heritage so steeped into the inhabitants of the city.

During the Renaissance, science, art, architecture and literature made their home in Florence and from here spread out into the rest of Europe changing the world.

Florence began as an Etruscan center and then later grew under Roman domination along the fertile banks of the Arno River into a military and trading post. It went into a period of decay in the Dark Ages and regained importance in the 12th and 13th century during which time the Florentines became involved in trade with the rest of Europe. A huge building boom ensued reflecting the new wealth and importance of the city and its standing in the Continent. Magnificent palaces, splendid churches and monuments were erected everywhere by prominent banking and trading families that managed the wool and silk industries.

However Florence is most closely associated with the Medici name than any other of the great families. The Medici were the greatest patrons of Florence founding a powerful dynasty that peaked with the coming of Lorenzo the Magnificent who placed the city at the vanguard of the Renaissance making it the envy of Europe. Artists from Michelangelo to Leonardo da Vinci started their careers under the protection of the Medici family making Florence one of the most influential cities in the world.

There is no city that can offer such an incomparable setting for getting married and honeymooning in Italy as a Florence wedding will.

The Florence wedding hall itself is in the ancient Palace where for centuries the local government held court.

Princely halls and extraordinarily ornate rooms with frescoes and gilding make up the Palazzo Vecchio, you can even opt to have two Renaissance guards standing at attention during your ceremony! For a religious wedding in Florence, several magnificent churches with interiors decorated by great artists are available. One of the finest Protestant churches in Italy is can be used for your wedding Florence.

Reception locations in Florence are about as varied as you could wish for ranging from charming trattorias serving the most traditional local fare and good Chianti wine to exquisite private palaces and villas with lovely gardens where the city’s best caterers will make your event be remembered for years to come. The food in Tuscany may well be the best in Italy reflecting the richness of the local products; not to mention the superb wine selection. Tuscany and wine are synonymous.

We cannot think of a better choice than for you to get married in Florence; a city that has delighted visitors for centuries.