Taormina Wedding Hall

Taormina Wedding Hall

The palazzo dei Duchi di Santo Stefano was founded in its present form in the late 14th century and early 15th century to accommodate the De Spuches family. It is an integral part of the walls. In 1964, the municipality of Taormina bought the Palace from Vincenzo De Spuches, a young descendant of the noble family who lived in Palermo. Today the Palace is home to a foundation dedicated to the artist Giuseppe Mazzullo, born on 15 February 1913 in Graniti and died in Taormina in 1988. During summer, important cultural events are held in the wonderful garden.

Photo credit: fotografoprofessionale.it

The impressive square structure, the location of the building on the ancient village walls and battlements, now partially disappeared, leaving think of an original Norman structure. The façades are also major elements of Arab art as the impressive lava stone decorated with rhomboidal listings in white stone of Syracuse.

The second floor is characterized by four imposing Gothic-style mullioned Windows decorated posed as a couple on the two noble prospects facing the garden. The lights of the mullioned windows are topped with a lace trefoil on left and right of the Central column. It all ends with a pointed arch under which a magnificent rosone window appears. A beautiful garden is spread over a steep terrain in front of the East and North facades.

The Palace has three floors. Ground floor access is a pointed arch decorated with alternating lava stone and granite. Within a column of pink granite stands in the middle of the room. This is said to have originated from near Greek Theatre. In 1700 is a staircase leading to the first floor. Previously, there were accessed through a complex system of drawbridges and escalators through a small door still visible on the façade. The second floor was probably with an internal staircase wooden reproduced today during a restoration.

This historical site is now open to future bride and grooms wishing to get legally married in a place of incomparable beauty and worth. Ask our planners for more info about booking your wedding ceremony here!