Princes Castle – Wedding Hall and Reception

Venue in Taormina

This princely baroque House of late ‘600, has re-opened its doors and revealed its unique charisma of a lustrous and prestigious past. A unique place among history and nature, the owners wanted renewed, aware of it to belong to Sicilian people, too. So after committed cares and scrupulous researches, the house and its luxuriant park watching the sea are back again to surprise visitors.

Princes Castle

The 30 charming ancient houses around the main dwelling, which have been all restored, overlooked the delicious Mediterranean garden and envelop the guests in an atmosphere full of charm and romanticism.

Among the halls that narrate of their past there is the breakfast hall, the well-known restaurant and the Hal of Wine, pervaded by a warm and delicate light, sofa and relaxing.

With the charm of such a special dwelling Castle’s staff combined proud, professional and well integrated people, who very respectfully receive Guests in a sunny and natural way, as recommended by the best Mediterranean tradition.

Set beside the sea on Sicily’s beautiful volcanic coastline, if you think to getting married in Sicily, Princes Castle provides the perfect backdrop for a truly special experience, whether we’re talking about your Civil Ceremony, your Reception or both.