Chiesa San Giuseppe

Wedding in Taormina

St. Joseph’s church stands majestic in piazza IX Aprile, next to the clock tower, which opened the door of the third city wall still exists. The church, built in the second half of 1600, is clearly baroque style, and the coolest thing about it is its facade, which overlooks the square.

Chiesa San Giuseppe

A majestic double staircase double ramp enters on the churchyard, and the stairs that the landing in front of the church are fenced with a magnificent stone balustrade of Syracuse worked. This is the only monumental double staircase ramp that you can admire in Taormina, and it, together with the facade of the church creates a full baroque scenography that revives the past.

The gable façade in the baroque style, has a large central portal that leads into the church, and two small side portals, of which the right places in the sacristy and the left one leads to a recreation room that is often used for exhibitions of painting. The six artistic vases with agave plants adorn the balustrade on the churchyard.

The monumental main portal is made with marbles of Taormina from different varieties, jambs and architrave in white, grey and pink in the other decorative pieces; on the sides there are two columns with capitals of Ionian style, resting on high foundations like those of the main portal of the cathedral.

Chiesa San Giuseppe

Above the entrance there is a broken arch, with a coat of arms with the inscription: “Dominus vobiscum misericordiam Faciat, sicut fedistis cum mortui. (From the book of 1.8 Rhut) whose translation is as follows: “the Lord Has for you the mercy that you have had for the dead (from Rhut 1.8).

Again over the arch of the main portal there is a skull with crossbones, which makes a fine show in a newsstand with jambs and marble arch. At the top, in a niche there is a large marble statue of Christ the King, with his right hand raised and blessing and his left hand holding a large cross; at his feet there is the inscription: “Christus regnat”.