Destination Weddings in Palermo

Palermo is Sicily’s regional capital, and is a busy port city situated on the north-western coast of the island. In the Middle Ages, Palermo was one of Europe’s leading cities, but nowadays the town is still trying to recover from twentieth-century years of blight. There is some fine architecture to be admired, as well as good museums, churches, markets and restaurants.


Among the most important tourist attractions of Palermo are the city’s Norman Cathedral and the Saracen-Norman-Spanish Palazzo Reale, a former royal palace added to and altered over the centuries, and now the seat of the local parliament. You can visit parts of the latter building, including the Cappella Palatina, an exquisite chapel containing rich mosaics.

Other sights include La Martorana, a splendid Norman church with a Baroque facade ,the imposing Teatro Massimo and Vucciria market. Plays acted by marionettes are a local tradition, and you can visit the Puppet Museum to learn more about the history of the art – and see a performance if you can. Museums include the Galleria Regionale in Palazzo Abatellis, and the fine Museo Archeologico Regionale, which contains archaeological exhibits from from the famous sites in western Sicily.

One of Sicily’s greatest buildings is just a short bus ride from the centre of Palermo is the Cathedral at Monreale, famous for its Norman architecture and for the vast Byzantine-style frescoes which cover the interior. Also, don’t miss the chance to take an excursion to Mondello, the beautiful sandy beach where Palermo’s residents flock in the sunshine.