Destination Weddings in Catania

Picturesque Catania is the city of the volcano. A city built from the black molten stone of temperamental Mount Etna, the largest volcano in Europe, which lurks from beyond, this Italian city has the highest average of sunny and luminous days in Italy, more than 2528 hours of sunlight per year!

Vast pastures make for the endless green scenery, a spectacular backdrop for a destination wedding in Italy. The contrast of colors are spectacular in this place, from the darkness of the lava stone, to the Ionian blue sea, to the slopes of Mount Etna and then again to the verdant green fields of pastures.

Catania has something to offer those willing to unveil its historic treasures, Baroque grandeur and antiquity. The city has two Roman amphitheaters, several churches, palaces and street markets which are particularly interesting. Catania is certainly worth seeing for its art treasures, churches, museums, and Roman ruins. Guests will not be disappointed with the food of this area; some of the finest fruits as well as the production of fresh vegetables and grains are found here. Seafood comes fresh off the boat and is highly recommended at restaurants. It makes a rewarding stop on your journey through Sicily.

One of the most intriguing and historic cities in Sicily, Catania has a peculiar and intimate rapport with the volcano as she “watches” over the activity of the bustling city below. Volcanic handicrafts made from the dried lava can be found throughout the city and make unique gifts for friends and family.

The ancient symbols of the city represent the people that live here and can be found around town as different representations. The elephant is considered a good and strong animal, representing the hard working people of Catania, and can be seen in the main piazza as a fountain. Their beloved saint, Agatha, shows her presence in the main cathedral. To them she was a martyr and capable of halting the fury of the volcano Etna with the supernatural force of her veil.