Destination Weddings in Alghero


Alghero, the capital of the Riviera del Corallo, it was formerly founded in the twelfth century by the Doria family of Genoa as a military fortify stronghold. Later, the town was conquered by the Catalan-Aragon, who left a strong mark in the architecture, traditions, cuisine and above all, an important linguistic heritage, officially recognized nowadays by the Italian State as a minority language.

This wonderful town, otherwise known as Barceloneta, match perfectly his Catalan heritage with Italian influences. The old centre retains the valuable with its Aragonese Palaces, the splendid catalan-gothic churches, surrounded by the impressive fortified walls (Bastioni) which are now more than just a defence against incursions from the sea. The walls on the ground were, unfortunately, demolished in early 1900, but many of its towers are still in excellent condition.

Walking through a maze of narrow streets you will discover that in every corner there is a piece of history harmoniously mixed up with the modern life. Here are lined dozens of stores to the delight of specialty shops, boutiques, above all workshops where coral is crafted by master goldsmiths and used for the creation of precious amazing jewels for all budgets. Of course there are also an endless and varied restaurants, from small and typical trattoria to the fancy restaurant, where you should taste absolutely Catalan lobster and paella.

At sunset, you can enjoy a peaceful stroll along the city walls and then have an aperitif at a nice outside cafés with a glass of Vermentino wine, cherishing an unique moment with your partner.