Gardone Riviera

Destination Weddings in Gardone Riviera

The picturesque village of Gardone, situated on the banks of Lake Garda, is a beautiful place in which to exchange your wedding vows. Also called Gardone Riviera, this elegant and fashionable resort is famous for the huge Vittoriale degli Italiani villa, and has many other attractions besides.

One of the greatest pleasures of Gardone is a walk along the lakefront, where you will find colorful gardens and chic shops interspersed with classy hotels. The cobbled streets of the historic town center are also ideal for a relaxed stroll.

Gardone Riviera

Situated directly above the center of Gardone is the exotic botanical garden Giardino Botanico Hruska. Founded by the naturalist Hruska in the 10th century, the garden is home to over 2000 different species of plants and flowers – a stunning place for your wedding photographs.

There are numerous lovely villas throughout Gardone, but none so impressive as the Vittoriale degli Italiani, surrounded by a verdant park. This villa was home to the eccentric writer Gabriele D’Annunzio until his death in 1938 and is now open to the public.

D’Annunzio’s bizarre character is reflected in the fascinating decor of many of the villa’s rooms. The grounds include a museum, mausoleum and the prow of the ship Puglia, embedded in the hillside. Totally unique, Vittoriale degli Italiani is a very popular place to visit.

Gardone also benefits from a warm climate, and an ideal setting. This village is a charming and very romantic wedding location, highly recommended.