Modern Beach Club in Lenno

Venue in Lenno

The beach of this Venue offers to you and your party a clean and organized service; the direct contact with the golden sand awards total well being and a soft tranquility to the guests. It is possible to reserve the gazebos, sun umbrellas, sun beds and even canopy beds.

Modern Beach Club5

A framed dream for your wedding or for a nice brunch. The suggestion of the enchanting “Venus Gulf” and quality and professional services will be the standard for this location. The great care of every particular detail creates an unique atmosphere, above all when night descend and the candle lights become the protagonist.

This modern beach club can offer you from the antique flavors of the lake to a more modern and sophisticated international menu. It is the place where you can enjoy wonderful surroundings, good food and superb list of wines with a selection of over 100 types.

On the terrace area or green garden is possible to create space for aperitifs with view of the lake and beach. The bar where you can enjoy a sophisticated cocktail create by professional barmen. The beach, the emotions in the evening, to walk bare footed on the sofa sand, make this area ideal for aperitifs, or for after dinner to chat while enjoying a drink laying on the big cushions, under the gazebo, totally relaxed and accompanied by the sound of the lake water and the background music.

Here you will find good music (possible to bring own DJ), a relaxed and warm beach ambient, showers and even WI-FI connection. At any hour, you can find, at the bar, fresh drinks, juices, snacks, salads and any other type of food and drinks as well as ice cream.



Wedding Menù

Welcome aperitif
Prosecco, Spritz, non alcholic cocktail , steel and sparkling water
Red prawns from Sicily with little leaf salad, finely sliced peach and oriental sauce
Parmigiana style risotto with minced pistachio and salmon chowder
Sea bream filet in crispy potatoes with scalded little salad and coulis of Pachino tomato
Exotic fruits tiramisù with finely sliced white chocolate
Italian style wedding cake with 1 glass of Prosecco or Moscato
White and red wines from our selection