Crotto Restaurant

Venue in Brienno

The restaurant is situated in a Crotto, a natural hollow of the earth typical of this area, which formed in a remote age after that a great landslide had taken place around Chiavenna. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, crottos are characterized from the “sorel”, a current of air at uniform temperature about 8°C, which makes them an ideal place both for ripening wines and seasoning salami, sausages and cheeses. That is the reason why crottos were chosen for food storage.

Crotto Restaurant
Because of its position between Brienno and Argegno, at the foot of Mount Gringo, during the Thirties this place became the little headquarters for the most elusive smugglers of this area, who mingled with woodcutters and local people to escape inspections.

When you are inside the crotto you can’t help come back in time. The perfect harmony of a building in the heart of a mountain, the fireplace, the typical Renaissance ceiling decorated with Leonardesque stars dating from the 18th century. Water flows underneath, while you are surrounded by history.

Even when good seasons leave us we don’t give up the pleasure of admiring the stunning lake scenery. In the veranda you can dine surrounded by a great glass window through which the lake looks like a picture. Wonderful little panoramic dining room, romantic and private like the surrounding passion flower. Here you can have dinner in the reflecting moonlight and by candlelight.

Among flowers, plane-trees and mountains, our garden overlooks sheer above the lake, where we can admire an enchanting scenery with the little Isola Comacina, Villa Balbianello e Bellagio.