Vatican City

Weddings in Vatican City

Nestle into the Eternal City of Rome and absorb the insurmountable wealth of beauty and art that is cherished inside the tiny Vatican City. Also known as the Holy See, The Vatican sits high on a hill just west of the Tiber River and has been considered the spiritual and administrative capital of Roman Catholicism, as well as home to the Pope. To visit the Vatican is, for many, a once-in-a-lifetime spiritual experience. For couples seeking the highest wedding experience, a Catholic Wedding in St. Peters, Vatican City is the dream of a lifetime!

Spanning just over 100 acres of beautiful landscape, the Vatican City is the smallest country in the world. A separate sovereign state from Italy, the Vatican has its own currency, postal stamps and police force. Guests may take the Rome Subway to the entrance, which is guarded by the sharply-adorned Swiss Guard Corps (Corpo della Guardia Svizzera) in traditional uniform. Escape from the hustle of hurried traffic in the bustling metropolis of Rome to St. Peter’s Square and its magnificent Basilica, as life seems to slow down a bit and become more relaxed and sacred in this incredible and honorable place of worship. Weddings in St. Peter’s cannot be compared to any other setting.

Visit the Sistine Chapel designed by Michelangelo is the Vatican’s main attraction, built between 1475 and 1483. It is the official private chapel of the Pope in the Vatican and a central location where cardinals from all over the world assemble to celebrate their religion. The high-roofed chapel is impressive in all of its glory. The views from the interior and exterior will not disappoint!

There are also the exceptional Vatican Museums that contains over a thousand room housing treasured artifacts from the tiny county’s ancient history. Here, you will see artifacts of the Greeks, ancient Romans and Egyptians, as well as Renaissance art. After you have visited this remarkable location, see St. Peter’s Basilica, the spiritual center of the Vatican, and also a fabulous destination for your Catholic Wedding in St. Peter’s, Vatican! This is where weddings are held and smaller chapels inside will host your ceremony.

Built in Renaissance times by Bernini for Pop Alexander VII in 1656, the Basilica features Baroque styles in the form of Latin crosses, huge domes, and over 800 pillars that flank the beautiful interiors. IT is considered the finest Catholic Church in the world. Outside, there is a majestic square in which to take some beautiful photos and nearby your celebratory meal will take place in one of the top wedding reception venues of Rome. The choice is endless from restaurants to castles to palaces. Cherish the stone statues and monuments, detailed mosaics and stunning marble floors as you celebrate your religious rites in St. Peter’s, the Vatican. Rome and its surroundings will be the splendid backdrop of your wedding in Italy!