Destination Weddings in Tivoli

Tivoli is a charming hilltop town overlooking the Aniene River, a tributary of the Tiber. The town is world reknown for its wonderful gardens, fountains, villas and in particular its cascading waters.

The highlight of Tivoli is undoubtedly the magnificent Villa D’Este, originally built in the 16th century for a cardinal. The terraced gardens contain over 500 fountains of every size, many dramatically spouting jets of water along avenues. The most famous fountain is the Fontana dell’Organo or Organ Fountain, named such because it used to be a hydraulic organ.

The nearby Villa Gregoriana is another splendid villa offering exquisite gardens and cascades, it is best to visit these on Sundays when the water is flowing.

The most sumptuous of all the ancient Roman Villas is Villa Adriana, belonging to Emperor Hadrian and built from AD 125 to 134. Villa Adriana is more of a city built for one man with dozens of small buildings, two libraries, a theater, gymnasium, thermal baths, courtyards and romantic tree lined avenues plus two swimming pools. Not bad for a Roman Emperor! Amids the ruins you can still view the park and a delightful little island construction that you can reach via bridges.

We cannot think of a more beautiful and romantic spot for your destination wedding in the Rome area. Your wedding photos in Tivoli will be remarkable with such stunning backdrops and the wedding hall itself is a Renaissance jewel, perfect for an memorable and intimate ceremony.