Destination Weddings in Ariccia

Located within what was once a crater, Ariccia is now in the midst of a beautiful wooded area.

The town is reached through an impressive 300 meter long and 59 meter high viaduct, built in 1854 on three levels of arches.

Ariccia is famous for porchetta, a succulent roasted suckling pig often served from the local stands along the road. This is Rome’s most famous gourmet meat product, and it is prepared following a 2,000 year-old recipe. Made from the highest quality pigs, this dish is de-boned by hand, seasoned with a unique blend of herbs and spices, and dry-roasted for hours in a special oven.

Panino con la porchetta is a specialty sandwich that is favored among the locals and visitors alike, and traditionally washed down with a glass of good local wine.

Many vineyards cover the hills that surround the town and the vino dei Castelli is very well known and enjoyed locally in the typical “fraschette”.

Ariccia is located in the Castelli Romani, an area 17 miles southeast of Rome. It is where the international campus of Auburn University, College of Human Sciences, is found, and the town and the university share a mutual admiration.

Ariccia is also home to the famous Palazzo Chigi, which was reconstructed in the late 17th century by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, a renowned Italian sculptor, architect, and painter. The Palazzo Chigi is prominently featured in Ariccia with its quadrangular towers in the main piazza. Across from it stands the round church of the Assunta, also built by Bernini in 1664. It is a lovely structure that has two towers and a sizeable dome.

The nearby Castel Gandolfo is presently, and has been since the 12th century, the Pope’s summer residence.

Ariccia makes a fabulous wedding destination because it reflects the essence of Italy’s love of the arts and gourmet food. People here are proud of their town and are pleased to share it with their overseas guests. The area is spectacular, and lends itself as a pleasant backdrop to a romantic marriage celebration.