Medieval Tower Restaurant

Venue in Vernazza

This medieval tower restaurant was born about 45 years ago. Since always has been runned by local families and has been known for its incredible location overlooking the sea.

Medieval Tower Restaurant

Known for its easy cooking, made of local products and the most famous ligurian recipes. In the 1970/80s it became a theatre-actors, as well as famous painters and singers, destination. The restaurant became the place where culture and moonlight dinners met. Eating and talks twisted for the pleasure of people coming from outside to visit middle-age watching tower terraces.

This medieval tower restaurant had unlucky days due to a generation change that kept public away from Cinque Terre and Vernazza. After few years the new owner, a far-sighted textile industrial from Prato, brought one of the Cinque Terre’s most creative cooks to Belforte.

Old tastes from Ligurian vegetable gardens, few easy things,  and the fresh daily fish from facing Vernazza sea come back in his kitchen, with the  pleasure to cook for the others. The walls get new colours, a new atmosphere and the costumer becomes again the main actor.