Balcony on the Sea

Venue in Positano

Restaurant Balcony on the Sea is a precious Pearl that by 2001, protected from the rock, was gently laid on the beach, soothed by the blue sea of the Amalfi coast.

The strong point of the terraces are first of all its panoramic terraces overlooking the sea cobalt and the Positano pyramid. Then comes the kitchen, based on Coastal tradition. Light food, based on selected local fresh ingredients. The fish is fresh and the meats and cheeses from small local producers are not yet too.

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The wine list has ben 150 labels, especially local. To dominate are small local producers, while the cellar carved into the rock gives emotion alone.

Guests staying in a cosy, romantic atmosphere and marriages of couples from all over the world. In the eyes of guests offers a beautiful panoramic view of great effect that become, outdoor rooms, genuine masterpieces of nature. In addition, for customers who want to dance after dinner, you can do so for free at the nightclub with 40 years of history located just below at the terraces.