18th century Palace in the heart of Positano

Venue in Positano

At the heart of Positano, tucked away in a botanical garden, hidden among tiny, sunny roads full of flowers, lies an eighteenth century palace that has a wonderful story we’d like to share with you.
In 1808 Gioacchino Murat – Napoleon’s brother-in-law and King of Naples – fell in love with this palace’s peaceful atmosphere and wonderful view of the roof tops of Positano. He liked it so much he chose it as his summer residence making it the wonderful, romantic place it is today.

18th century Palace

This Palace is now a 4 star boutique hotel in the center of Positano. If you love classic and elegant style, then you will love Palace’s rooms as they are unique and special with their perfectly renovated antique furniture and wooden, terracotta, ceramic and wrought iron details made by local craftsmen. All rooms are equipped with modern conveniences, so if you fancy some music for instance, all you have to do is turn on I Pod station.

As you gaze out over the terrace, you will see the Dome’s majolica cupola, Positano’s colorful houses and finally, you will be able to admire the sea. You will find your very own little corner of relax in the peace and quiet of garden and may even forget being in the center of town.

If you are looking for a very romantic experience, come for a candle-light dinner and discover the specialties of the Campanian and Mediterranean cuisine in the garden, while surrounded by the scent of citrus fruit. At Palace restaurant you can taste traditional cuisine and a great selection of wines to go along with your meal, which include over 400 Italian and international labels.