Destination Weddings in Naples

Capital of the Campania region, the city of Naples is a historic and vibrant Italian city in which to get married. Set on the Bay of Naples, this strongly Catholic city is typical of southern Italy, with countless palaces, churches and piazzas, many of which date back centuries. The busy narrow streets are filled with atmosphere and fascinating to explore.

Mount Vesuvius stands tall over the city, and offers a superb view. If you prefer not to climb a mountain to see a vista of the Naples and its beautiful bay, you can ascend the funicular to the 14th century Castel Sant’Elmo.

This imposing castle stands at the city’s highest point and is adjacent to the Certosa San Martino, which also dates from the 14th century. The Certosa houses the Museo Nazionale di San Martino, whose collections include paintings by the Neapolitan masters.

At the historic center of Naples, you will find the Piazza del Gusù Nuovo, which is surrounded by many lovely churches. Close by is the duome, the city cathedral, and the Palazzo Reale. This former royal residence was built in 1602 and it is open to the public. The sumptuous palace interiors give an intimate picture of royal life in Italy many centuries earlier.

Naples is home to the largest opera house in Italy, the distinguished San Carlo Opera House. The operatic performances given here are renowned all over the country. Another famous landmark is the 13th century Castel Nuovo, which overlooks the ferry port.

The city has countless chic shops, restaurants and cafés to enjoy. Coupled with prestigious museums and a palpable sense of history, it makes Naples an excellent choice for your Italian wedding.

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