Destination Weddings in Basilicata

Why not celebrate your wedding in this quiet rural region of the Italian south? Basilicata‘s ancient archaeological sites, medieval towns, pretty coastline and dramatic mountainous landscape combine to create a beautiful backdrop for your wedding day.

Metaponto is a Greek site on the coast of Basilicata that has been extensively excavated. It was settled in the 8th century BC and is fascinating to explore.

Another place of great historical significance in the region is the elegant town of Matera. Matera‘s sassi have recently been declared a World Heritage Site. These small, tiered dwellings, dug out of the ravine, were once home to the town’s poor. They have now been restored and are a unique and compelling sight.

The capital of the region is lively Potenza, located high up with a valley on each side. Its historic center includes the lovely Church of San Fransesco. Many modern districts surround the city center, and Potenza is an ideal base from which to explore the surrounding countryside. In the city itself you are well advised to sample some of the delicious cuisine served up in its many high quality restaurants.

The picturesque coastal town of Maratea is a highlight of the Basilicata region. Its dramatic rocky coastline and sandy beaches draw visitors from all over Basilicata and beyond. For superb views of the Golfo di Policastro, you can ascend to the peak of the Monte san Biagio, a mountain that stands some three miles behind the town.

Basilicata is typical of southern Italy – its landscape has a timeless feel and has been the inspiration for many film makers and artists over the years. Allow it to inspire you too, as you celebrate a romantic Italian wedding in this unforgettable region.