Santa Maria di Leuca

Destination Weddings in Santa Maria di Leuca

Located in the Province of Lecce this small piece of the Apulian region was described by Virgil as the “ends of the earth” when his hero Aeneas arrived there in the third book of the Aeneid. Santa Maria di Leuca is the last piece of land southeast of the Italian Peninsula, where the crystal waters of the Ionian Sea and of the Adriatic Sea merge together. It is a mixture of western and oriental cultures, the extreme tip of Italy. Santa Maria di Leuca gives you the impression of truly being on a space-time border line, of being right on the so-called “finibus terrae”.

Santa Maria di Leuca

Couples planning to marry in Apulia should look no further than Santa Maria di Leuca; an ideal location for its pure nature, its wonderful sea and its welcoming people. For those couples who like ancient history Santa Maria di Leuca offers thousands of deepening cues. Its name derives from the Greek word ‘leucòs’, which means ‘white’; it recalls the typical whiteness of its pleasant panorama. Unfortunately, as often happens, the origin of this town is wrapped in mystery among suggestive legends and hypothesis.

One of the most important religious buildings is the Sanctuary of Santa Maria di Leuca. It is believed that it rises on the place where the temple of Minerva was once built. The Christian Faith wants it to be the door to Heaven.

The coast is undoubtedly the most various one of Salento and it ranks high on the list of the most beautiful ones of Apulia. You will enjoy adventurous dives, you will admire an unexpectedly rich seabed, and you will sail on a quite and blue sea. The coast presents also a great variety of charming grottos which you will be able to visit by sea. The Porcinara Grotto and the Devil Grotto are the only ones that you could reach by land.

The marvelous villas of Santa Maria di Leuca create a fascinating background for a fabulous wedding photography service in Apulia. In fact they represent a style explosion ranging from the Ionic to the French style, from the Moorish to the Chinese one. Some of them have exotic and bizarre names: La Meridiana, Regno Ottomano, La Navata. Towards the wide seafront with its oleanders in full bloom you can admire the stepped gardens of manors; almost all of them are liberty style gardens with Moorish details, polychrome lozenges, little towers, and Turkish gazebos.

Get married in Santa Maria di Leuca and taste its savory cooking, rich in fragrances and in genuine flavors. Enjoy home-made pasta, legumes, bruschette and a lot of fresh fish. You will never regret it!