Santa Cesarea

Destination Weddings in Santa Cesarea

Couples choosing to marry in Santa Cesarea Terme, Apulia will discover a city built where the Adriatic Sea merges with the Ionian Sea, towards the extreme end of the Italian heel. Immerse yourself in the wild nature of this marvelous touristic spa, sheltered by a spur and lying on a plain which drops sheer to the steep cliff. Exchange your wedding vows on an elegant and solemn land, which is mirrored in the blue emerald green of the Otranto Canal, and leans towards the East.

Santa Cesarea Terme


Santa Cesarea Terme is situated on a long stretch of coast rich in hot springs. Chlorinated, sulphuretted and iodic waters flow out of the springs at variable temperatures in four natural caves, communicating with the sea: Gattulla, Fetida, Sulfurea and Solfatara.

The wind which blows on the sea generates a fragrant air, rich in iodine and in ozone. It becomes even healthier thanks to the wonderful pinewood growing on top of the highland and sloping down almost behind the town. On the wooded top a wide terrace has been built to give people the chance to admire the enchanting panorama.

Santa Cesarea Terme is not only a synonym of thermal or medical cures or of wellbeing; it also offers many opportunities to have fun and relax accordingly to your needs. There is a long list of activities you can do, so take your time to enjoy your favorite ones on the free days coming after the ceremony. You can go dancing, swimming, horseback riding, diving, trekking and go for long walks en plain air.

Between Diso and Santa Cesarea Terme you can find the most important and legendary caves of the Salento Coast. The most famous one is called Grotta Romanelli, where traces of the human presence from the Paleolithic until the Metal period have been found.

The beautiful landscape, the precious architecture in neo-Moorish style, the body care, the entertainment, the richness of gastronomy, people’s traditions and friendliness are the best conditions for an unforgettable wedding in Apulia.