Destination Weddings in Rodi Garganico

Celebrate your Apulian wedding in Rodi Garganico, the pearl of The Gargano Promontory, is a delightful, quiet town situated in the National Park of Gargano (on the spur of “the Italian boot”); a perfect destination for couples who would love to celebrate their wedding surrounded by pristine nature.

Rodi is a village with ancient sea traditions facing the Adriatic Sea. It rises on a high cliff completely surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, olive groves and fragrant citrus orchards.

Many sea swallows and seagulls live in this wonderful village. They animate the light blue sky with their magnificent flights. The murmuring of the sea, the cries of swallows and the heady scent of orange-blossoms create a magical atmosphere, where “gods lived before men did.” (Manicone, Fisica Appula)

Thanks to its geographical position Rodi is the easiest holiday resort of Gargano and is the less distant berth from The Tremiti Islands. The climate is particularly mild, the landscape is full of charm and the sea is crystal clear and teaming with small fish.

The historical center reveals the features of an ancient sea village; houses are built very closed to each other, almost overlapping, for defensive purposes. They are characterized by red roofs with unusual chimney pots. The center of the village also hosts four important mystical churches where religious weddings can be celebrated. The most popular one is Santuario Madonna della Libera.

The ruins of an Aragonese castle dating back to the year 1535 is a very picturesque site to be visited, but the most romantic spot is represented by the so called Sunset Arch , from which you can admire the powerful red sun that dies out in the blue sea. It is indeed a very good setting for unforgettable wedding photographs.

For couples who are more interested in the history of Rodi, there are two other lovely sites worth visiting: Il Vuccolo and Il Belvedere. The first one is a Longobard quarter where a church was built in the 1600’s and dedicated to S. Michele Arcangelo. The second one is a special area where in ancient times the main entrance to the village used to be. It is called Belvedere (lookout) because of the breathtaking panorama which spreads out in front of it. This panorama ranges from the white Capuccino convent, in the middle of green olive groves, to the golden beach and the odorous orange orchards.

The typical food products of Rodi are caciocavallo, ricotta, oil, olives and all kinds of home-made bread. Wedding receptions in Rodi will include traditional dishes such as: Troccoli e stuffed cuttlefish, panecotto alla rodiana, bucatini with cannocchie, spaghetti with clams, and mullets baked in foil. The fine local wines will accompany a joyous wedding celebration in Southern Italy!