Cattedrale di Ostuni

Wedding in Ostuni

The Cathedral is the best known landmark of Ostuni, was built in the late Gothic style, it has a tripartite façade, divided by two pilaster-strips with three portals and lunettes and a central rose-window in which myriad of symbols relate to the theology and Christian cosmology. The rose-windows strike for its dimensions, representing the Sun Christ, on whose metal ring the apostles can be admired. Numerous solar symbols can be found in the arches connecting the small columns. the cathedral had four rose-windows: the one on the facade is the bigger with 24 rays, another placed in the apse area and two in the transept, which allowed the sun to enter and illuminate the inside of the church during the hours of the day.

Cattedrale Ostuni

The inside of the church has a Latin cross plan, and three naves. There are eleven altars, a baptismal font, the chapel dedicated to Sacro Cuore, the one dedicated to San Gaetano, the big chapel of the Immacolata dating back to the end of the 1800’s, the sacristy, a painting depicting Sant’Oronzo and, on the background, the chapel of the saint patrons of Ostuni (San Biagio, Sant’ Agostino, Sant’ Oronzo and Sant’ Irene), the apse and the chorus, the chapel of Santa Maria della Santità, the fresco of Santa Caterina di Alessandria, the chapel of Santa Lucia, the big chapel of Santissimo Sacramento, the chapel of monsignor Bisanzio Filo bishop of Ostuni (1707 to 1720) and the chapel of San Nicola and the one of Sant’ Antonio from Padova.