Monte San Angelo

Destination Weddings in Monte S. Angelo

Celebrate your wedding in Monte S. Angelo, the ancient heart of The Gargano Promontory. Arthur Miller, the American writer and dramatist, described it in one of his writings as “a minuscule old woman who was afraid of thieves and lived on the roof, because those who had built it must have had a great fear of something.”

It is the highest spot of Gargano, at the edge of The Umbra Forest: from Monte S. Angelo you can enjoy a very nice view of The Tavoliere Plain and of The Gulf of Manfredonia. This is a town particularly laden with history and spirituality and its growth dates back to the end of the fifth century, when, according to tradition, the Archangel Michael appeared in a cave where now the Sanctuary of Saint Michael rises. In this dark ancient cave Saint Michael appeared with its flashing sword and he left a footprint on the rock as witness of his presence.

Monte Sant'Angelo

Since the fifth century the Sanctuary of Saint Michael represented the chief building around which the rest of the town was built. It can be reached by going down a long and wide flight of steps. Outside there is a grand octagon-shaped bell tower. Behind the portal there are five flight of stairs breaking through the rock and leading to the inner entrance hall of the church connected to the cave of the primitive sanctuary, a destination of never-ending pilgrimage. No other place on earth can be more mystical and spiritual than Monte S. Angelo, and no other place can be such a perfect setting for couples of believers who would like to celebrate their own religious wedding.

However this town is not only famous for its Sanctuary and the buildings related to it, but also for the great Castle which is situated in the north-western area, not far from the Basilica of Saint Michael, and which was built by Orso I, the bishop of Benevento. Moreover there is The Tomb of Rotari, the Church of S. Maria Maggiore and many other historical buildings to be seen.

Like all Apulian resorts Monte S. Angelo is indeed able to offer delicious products and typical dishes for your wedding menu: the good bread with its epic dimension, the extra-virgin olive oil, caciocavallo podolico, scaldatelli which go absolutely well with wine and beer, and more.