Destination Weddings in Margherita di Savoia

Marry in Margherita di Savoia a celebrated destination for your marriage celebration on the beautiful Italian coasts of Apulia! This town was given its name since 1878 in the first Italian queen’s honor, and is situated in the southern part of the Gulf of Manfredonia under the province of Foggia.

It is an industrial and agricultural center on the Adriatic coast and it has become particularly famous thanks to the natural park of Le Saline, where lots of beautiful water birds such as herons, cranes, mute swans, flamingos live, and thanks to its wonderful watering place, opened from 1st June to 15th October and well-patronized with an Italian and foreign clientele, coming from all parts of Europe. The countryside surrounding the town looks like a chessboard of fabulous gardens and farms, which will become the backdrop for your romantic wedding painting.

The natural park of Le Saline is such a surprising spectacle: bright mountains of white salt, iridescent water docks enlightened by the sun. The air is rich in iodine which gives a lot of energy to the people who breathe it. The landscape is immense: 4.000 hectares.

The famous watering place in Margherita di Savoia represents another important attraction of this area. In case you are looking for some relaxation before or after your ceremony, take your time to visit this place where you can have reinvigorating mud baths, healthy inhalations and nebulizations with the use of the curative ‘red waters’ of Le Saline. It has also been discovered that the special seaweed living in the Gulf has extraordinary curative properties: during the maceration process they release iodine salts, bromine, sulfur ad other minerals which get together to form a powerful combination that cannot be found in any other place, neither in Italy nor in Europe.

When the sun shines, the sea becomes crystal clear and you can see the seabed through it, covered with green seaweed and rocks overgrown with dark moss, hiding some mysterious life in it. On the wide Gulf you can admire paranze, those big fishing boats displayed in long rows on the sea with a picture of a Saint drawn at the bow.

The large beach has a fine and golden sand. Its bathing establishments offer every kind of amenity and dispose of highly modern equipment. The staff will be happy to make your stay as beautiful as possible. Hotels will give you a warm and discrete welcome. For your wedding reception you can choose among several typical restaurants, where you can enjoy delicious local dishes made with game and savoury fish, accompanied by the robust wines of Gargano.

Take advantage of the numerous local festivals organized by Estate Margheritana to make those lovely days even more happy and bright. Enjoy theatrical performances, the sound of folk Apulian groups, evening dances, prize contests, and fireworks on the sea.