Destination Weddings in Gallipoli

Celebrate your wedding in Gallipoli, a beautiful and unforgettable city. Its Greek origin is wrapped in legends, and your wedding day will be legendary too, if you will choose Gallipoli as a location to crown your love.

Gallipoli is filled with a magical atmosphere with its indented coast and its ancient center, which has been entirely built on a small island floating on the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea; it is connected to the shore (the modern part of the city) thanks to a long bridge which is reflected in the harbor.


The historical center of Gallipoli is surrounded by defensive walls and it looks like a fabulous painting of past times. Its uniqueness is represented by the white oriental houses, the Churches of laical brotherhoods, and a thick tangle of narrow little streets leading to the charming Cathedral, an exclusive example of barocco leccese.

If you would like to set your marriage celebration in a place full of history and art, than Gallipoli will be a perfect destination. The Angevin castle dating back to 1281 is indeed stately; it is situated on the eastern side of the city and dominates the bridge, the harbor, and the sea in all its grandeur. This building is one of the rarest castles directly overlooking the sea. There is also the notable Greek-Roman fountain to be seen, close to the bridge. It is the most ancient fountain of the whole peninsula.

Even after several ages the charm of ‘the beautiful city’ remains the same, and so do the brilliant beaches warm by the strong Apulian sun and touched by the enchanting sea with its bright and shot colors. Such clear seas can hardly be found somewhere else. The sky is mirrored in the sea which shades into cobalt blue, while the ground covered with seaweed colors the spuming waves emerald green. The sea is fundamental: The city earns its main livelihood from it.

Gallipoli preserves its history and culture unaltered also through the local handicraft and the traditions of its refined and genuine enogastronomy, especially related to local religious feasts. Gallipoli is very much renowned for its good oil, red wine and, of course, for its fresh fish. Nowadays Gallipoli offers every kind of facility and amusement for very special weddings.