Destination Weddings in Altamura




If your dreaming of getting married in Apulia, the town of Altamaura is the quintessential Apulian town. Altamura is called “the Apulian lioness”: a beautiful and noble, proud and rebel town, full of history and culture.

Altamura has a dominant position on The Western Murgia Highland, where the ancient path of Via Appia is found. Its origins are very old; they are witnessed by “the pit of dinosaurs” (Delucia Pit) which is a paleontological site dating back to 70 million years ago, where 3.000 dinosaur tracks have been discovered. This site is the most important and rich one in the whole Europe, and maybe in the whole world.

There is one other relevant archeological site in Altamura, that is the karst cave of Lamalunga, where the unique mortal remains of a human being of the Middle-Lower Paleolithic period have been found. The Man of Altamura has been indeed an extraordinary finding. Moreover inside the cave one can see other numerous paleontological remains.

In Altamura there are also several historical buildings to be visited, which will serve as a perfect scenario for your wedding photographs: the famous Cathedral relating to Fredrick II of Swabia, and its magnificent portal, which is the most decorated one of Apulia; the Church of San Nicola dei Greci, which has been the worship center of the Greek ethnic group until 1601; the picturesque claustri, local type of urbanism; the National Archeological Musem and many others.

Altamura has won a worldwide fame especially thanks to its typical bread production. The bread of Altamura boasts its unmistakable alimentary properties, its unique fragrance and taste: yellow, crisp crust, soft crumb, long-lasting freshness. It is the first product in Europe which has been formally awarded the trademark “DOP” for the product category ”Bakery and baked products”. Enjoy it on the day of your wedding reception!