Destination weddings in Alberobello

Exchange your wedding vows in the marvelous town of Alberobello, Apulia which has been acknowledged as a “human heritage of inestimable value”” by UNESCO. Thanks to its cultural and architectural assets it represents a unique attraction: The Trulli Valley.

At the very beginning Alberobello was just a farmer village built on a wild oak grove: sylva arboris belli (the wood of the war tree) was the ancient name of this land. The town is actually situated on the southeastern portion of The Murgia Highland among olive groves and vineyards, among perfumes and sour flavors, between the blinding white of ““casedde”” (typical rural houses) and the polychrome of the countryside, between legend and reality.

Its geographical position, its short distance from the sea, its mild climate and its interesting urban and extra-urban ways make this town one of the most pleasant and healthy places in the region. It is the ideal location for a dreamlike wedding, where you can personally experience all the mystery and the inestimable value of The Town of Trulli.

Its great popularity is due to the typical Trulli Quarters which are all around the town center. One can admire them also in modern areas, where they can stand alone or connected to other small groups. Many of them are linked to adjoining buildings which serve as unique house for more families: the central inner body communicates with all the surrounding rooms; generally the roof serves as storeroom, barn or woodshed. A remarkable example of this kind of building is represented by the so-called Sovereing Trullo, two stories, situated on a small piazza behind the Mother Church. Nowadays it is believed that Trulli have an exclusive Apulian origin and are the most genuine evidence of the intelligent tenaciousness and the brilliant instinct of local people, who have succeeded in finding on this territory the right means to survive and be safe.

On the upper part of Monti Quarter there is the modern Trullo-shaped Church of S. Antonio, overlooking a fascinating view of Alberobello which is indeed one of the most charming towns of Apulia. Just imagine how many marvelous pictures you can take for your memorable wedding album!

For your wedding reception you will surely discover the salutary pleasures of the table with the typical humble but genuine dishes of Alberobello: special hors d’oeuvre, generous main courses, savory meat and fresh fish barbecued on olive cinders, according to a very old tradition, and finally the good regional wines which perfectly magnify the taste of this incredible cooking.