Wedding Settings & Decor

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Hello! Please have a look into our wedding settings and decor, requiring any information or suggestion? Please feel free to write us to info@italiandestinationweddings.com, and visit the full gallery here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1059181197465505.1073741909.259123457471287&type=3  ...

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We love you Tuscany

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Tuscany is really well known worldwide, the main reason? There are not just one in particular, but MANY. Art cities: to mention just a few like Florence, Pisa, Siena, Arezzo, Pistoia, Prato, Livorno, Grosseto… each of them are different, and truly breathtaking whether you want to see some real italian life. Landscapes: anyone who has been in these art cities or even in the major districts did not fall in love with monuments, squares, rivers, bridges, manors and hills? Food: here we could write for ages, because even for us (Italian guys) Tuscan specialties are such a good reason for traveling even for 4 hrs to reach any Trattoria or Ristorante. Tuscan people will welcome you in their place and cook for you with the same love and passion they would do for a family member of theirs. Wine: well… here you already know! Anyone in the world would love to have a wine tasting tour in Tuscany AT LEAST once in a lifetime… if with cheese it is even better! We truly believe that there are so much to visit, to discover, to taste, to cherish in this region, and if you will combine all the above with your wedding celebration then it will be a… BINGO! Please feel free to contact us for any tip and information, we may redirect you to some (very) tested places and spots info@italiandestinationweddings.com  ...

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Positano, Amalfi Coast

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We always say that we love Amalfi Coast, it is for its scenery, the courteous people, lemon fragrances, paths and roads… at any of the towns located in Amalfi Coast you will cherish every single spot. It will be very hard to resist in taking pictures anytime you will be driving and see that… around the corner there is something new, undiscovered and charming. From Salerno all the way up to Sorrento you will be so thrilled in visiting Velletri, Maiori & Minori, Tramonti, Atrani, Amalfi, Furore, Ravello & Positano. Do not forget to take a visit to Capri and its Grotto, you will feel what we feel every time we have the chance in enjoying this beautiful region. For any tips and info about restaurants, hotels, boat rental please feel free to write us, planning your proposal, wedding or honeymoon will be just a pleasure for us: info@italiandestinationweddings.com...

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The importance of being Bridesmaid

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Being the Maid of honour could be a tough task, because this is a role that carries great responsibility both during the planning and on the wedding day. The bride normally chooses her sister, if she has one, or a very close friend for this important duty. Throughout the wedding preparations the chief bridesmaid offers support, advice; she will generally be the bride’s rock and party hearty at all bridal events! Here below a to do list for a perfect Maid of Honor: Offer to help with prewedding tasks. Try to be specific when you volunteer. Scout out bridesmaid dresses, shoes, jewelry, and other wedding accessories. Pay for the entire ensemble. Help to plan, co-host, and pay for the bridal shower and bachelorette party with other bridesmaids. If the maid of honor isn’t already handling this task, keep a record of all the gifts received at various parties and bridal showers (so that the bride/couple can write thank-you notes); maintain RSVP lists. Attend the ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. On the day of the wedding, be on hand to confirm flower delivery times, meet and greet the ceremony officiant, or satisfy junk food cravings. Stand in the receiving line at the bride’s request. Serve as auxiliary hostess at the reception by introducing guests, making sure they know where the bar is located, and inviting them to sign the guest book. Hit the dance floor when the music kicks in. Dance with groomsmen during the formal first-dance sequence.  Give the matron/maid of honor a break by helping to carry the bride’s wedding gown train whenever necessary. Bustle the train before dancing begins, and be ready to help fix it if it comes unhooked. Accompany the bride on visits to the restroom, if asked. Purchase a wedding present perhaps with one or several of the other bridesmaids. This provides more buying power, and two heads are better than one when it comes to wedding gift ideas. Sometimes the entire bridesmaid troupe pitches in for one knock-her-socks-off wedding gift. Be a trooper, no matter how stressful the ordeal becomes. Try not to complain about the bridesmaid dress — even if the color is horrendous. Be gracious and tactful. Provide plenty of emotional support during the planning and on the wedding...

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Wedding Favors – From Sugar to Eco friendly Ideas

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Wedding favors are small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests from the bride and groom during a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception. The tradition of distributing wedding favors is a very old one. It is believed that the first wedding favor, common among European aristocrats, was known as a bonbonniere: a small trinket box made of crystal, porcelain, and/or precious stones. The contents of these precious boxes were generally sugar cubes or delicate confections, which symbolize wealth and royalty. As the price of sugar decreased throughout centuries, the tradition of providing gifts to guests reached the general populace and was embraced by couples of modest means. As sugar became more affordable, bonbonnieres were replaced with almonds. Today, gifts to guests are commonly known as wedding favors and are shared in cultures worldwide. Wedding favors have become a part of wedding reception planning, especially in the United States and Canada, and they are various, usually complement the theme or season of the event.  Today, the most environmental conscious couples despise the idea of wedding favors, because for the most part, they aren’t environmentally friendly, useless and they can be severely lacking in creativity. An Eco friendly wedding favor not only can represent an ideal, but it can also turn into something truly unique and...

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Loving Positano!

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Quoting Lonely Planet tourist guide: “Positano is the coast’s most picturesque and photogenic town, with steeply-stacked houses tumbling down to the sea in a cascade of sun-bleached peach, pink and terracotta colours. No less colourful are its steep streets and steps lined with wisteria-draped hotels, smart restaurants and fashionable boutiques.” In this few lines, the writer couldn’t be more clear in describing this gorgeous town. If you close your eyes, you can see the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, crushing upon Positano coast; you can feel the sun, kissing your pale skin and you can smell the soften flowers perfume carried by the lightly summer wind. Isn’t so amazing? Have you ever wondered how could be getting married in Positano?  Is this your biggest dream? Lauren and Robbie simply fall in Love with Positano and they decided to got married there last year. Since tomorrow will be their wedding anniversary, we would like to send them our best wishes and hope to see them again in Italy, maybe in Positano! Well, keep in mind that dreams could become true and our team can help you to make it real. For more info please write to:...

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